FAQ よくあるご質問

Transportation guide

Where is the nearest station?

If you use JR line, it's Osaka Station, and it's Umeda Station for subway, Hankyu and Hanshin line.

For more details, here.

How do I go there by car?

It is soon after the exit of the Hanshin high speed No.11 Umeda.

And, is there a parking lot?

There is a Umeda Sky Building parking lot. (By time rent, 160 car space)

About appreciation.

Could you tell me the holidays and opening time?

Opening Hours: from 10:00 to 18:00. On Fridays Saturdays and days before holidays: from 10:00 to 20:00. In addition, admission is 30 minutes before closing. The closing day is Tuesday every week.
However, it opens when Tuesday is a national holiday, and the following weekday is closed. Other closing days are year ends, New Year holidays, an exhibition replacement period, and it may be closed temporarily.

Can I enter the hall again?

Yes, you can re-enter the hall on the same day.

Can I appreciate in a wheelchair?

You can appreciate it. But, a wheelchair isn't rented, so please understand it beforehand.

Can I take a picture and copy of a work?

Do not photograph, videotape and copy at the exhibition zone except for a photography possible area.

Can I bring writing utensils into the hall?

Please refrain from use of writing utensils at the exhibition zone.

About admission fee:

How much is the admission fee?

Adults 1000 yen, university, high school and junior high school students 600 yen. Primary schoolchildren and under them are free.
※A university, a high school, and a junior high school student need to present a student identification card.

Do you have group rates?

There is a group discount by more than 10 people. Please contact us in advance. Admission fees is are 900 yen for an adult, a university, a high school and a junior high school student for 500 yen.
※A university, a high school, and a junior high school student need to present a student identification card.

Is there any disabled person discount?

A person having a notebook and one assistant is 500 yen for an adult, and 300 yen for a university, high school, junior high student.
※ Please show a notebook at the reception counter.

Is there any senior discount?

There is no senior discount system.

Visit of the group

Is a reservation required for a group?

When visiting the hall by more than 10 people, please contact us in advance.Please contact Tenku Museum of Art of Koji Kinutani (06-6440-3760).

Can a large-sized bus park?

Yes, it can. Telephone reservation is required to use it. Contact Tenku Museum of Art, Koji Kinutani (06-6440-3760), please.

Facilities in the hall, services.

Can I leave an umbrella and baggage?

Umbrella stands and free coin return lockers (100 yen) are available. We'll keep baggage which doesn't enter a locker at the reception counter.

Is there a place I can eat a lunch box from outside?

Please refrain from bringing your foods and drinks in the hall. Please use a café for foods and drinks.

Are there shops and cafes available?

The cafe, which also has original goods as a shop, can provide light meals and drinks.

Where can I inquire?

Please contact Tenku Museum of Art of Koji Kinutani (06-6440-3760). (During opening hours)